I stopped getting quite so close with them, cause it’s really hard when they eventually disappear.
12 January 2020 ·   4 years ago
I love my little squirrel friends!
12 January 2020 ·   4 years ago
It seemed to prefer me, and would come pretty close. I’m actually glad it didn’t come right up to me, cause I wouldn’t have been able to not pet it, hug it, and bond with it, and we didn’t want it to get too used to people:(
3 December 2017 ·   4 years ago
Loved its carrots, apples, and bananas
8 December 2017 ·   4 years ago
Orphaned little tiny baby deer that was adopted by me and other people in the neighborhood that it stayed in.
12 December 2017 ·   4 years ago taken in   10315 Whitewasher Way, Columbia, MD 21044, USA
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