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January Meets

Hello Everyone!   We hope that you had a great holiday and that your New Years will be enjoyable.  A lot of us will be up in Newark Delaware to attend New Years Furry Ball.  Whether you’re there, or celebrating elsewhere, please remember to stay safe.  We want to see you at all the 2017 meets and events.


For the most up to date information our meets, and to RSVP to any of the meets that are asking for a head count, please go to our website at


Here’s a quick snippet of what’s coming up!


12/30/2016   Milt’s gaming meet.
12/31/2016   NYE Gathering at Sir Kain’s
12/31/2016   New Years Furry Ball
01/08/2017   DMV Board Games Meet
01/14/2017   Monixx’s Birthday Party at Dave & Busters
01/15/2017   The Return of Mission BBQ in Glen Burnie
01/27/2017   Milt’s gaming meet
01/29/2017   Fur vs Pho

Mid-Atlantic Fur-B-Que

Mid-Atlantic Anthropomorphic Society is holding its first annual Fur-B-Que.

Razorrected from the ashes of the NJ Fur-B-Que, Head Chef Razor Wulff is coming out of Furry Retirement to regale your tastebuds with his culinary skills.  Including his world famous “Razor Steak”   Don’t know what that is, then you should come find out.

Check out the event here:  Its limited to 200 people and spots are filling fast.

Mid-Atlantic Fur-B-Que: The Razorrection

Event Manager

Did you know that you can search our events and meets based on your location?   Also, new his week!  We have a visual map on the events page.


check it out at

Host and Organizers, put your events on to be listed on the page, searchable, Mappable, and shown in telegram.



Maryland Furs Tshirt

Online now for your immediate MDFurs pride pleasure, the first every Maryland Furs T-Shirt.  Featuring the newly re-designed Maryland Furs logo!

Comes in three great colors:  Charcoal Grey, Crimson, and Purple

Also available in two styles:  Unisex Tee, and Girls Tee

Go here to check it out:

MDFurs Logo T-Shirt
MDFurs Logo T-Shirt

Thanks for Zootopia

Thanks everyone that came to the Zootopia Movie event.  It was a huge success and we had a great time.   We are looking at possibly doing a quarterly charity movie event in the future.  If that starts coming together, we will let you know.

pictures have been posting to Facebook and Twitter.   Well try to start a MDFurs gallery here, or maybe over on Flickr.

Oh no, you can’t make it / will be late to Zootopia?

We know that sometimes life comes up and plans change.  We know that traffic might be tight and your running behind.  That’s why we’re opening up the theater at 11am to give everyone a whole hour to get there before the movie starts.

“Ugh!  I’m going to be late!”  – Please don’t be late.  Alamo has a no late entry policy.  Once the movie actually starts, they usually don’t let people in.  Our event policy is that if you’re not there by 11:50, we will consider you no show and start finding people to fill your seat.    So make time to arrive early and hang out with us before the showing.

“I’m not going to make it, my (insert other influence) came up, and I can’t come.” – Ok… No problem.  We can help with this.  We will not be able to refund your ticket to you if you don’t show up, they money went to the theater.  However, if we know ahead of time that you won’t be able to use your ticket, maybe we can get you in touch with someone who will buy it.  We’re gonna miss you, but we don’t want your seat to go empty.

“Wait, If you sell my ticket to a wait list, do I get a refund?” – No, *If* there are any additional funds left after the event, the value of your ticket will be split between MDFurs and NOVAFurs .  From there it’s up to the community mods what happens (Help cover other community costs. Donate to charity. Etc.)  Thank you for your generosity.

“I’m coming and hoping I can get a no-show ticket.  What if I can’t?”  – Alamo has public showing a of the movie with the first one starting at 1pm for 2D and 3pm for 3D.  We highly encourage you, and anyone else that couldn’t come to get tickets for one of the public showings.  It’s worth the drive to see it at the Alamo.

“Who do I contact if I have questions”. – Contact the Mods of your community via their normal channels.


Were ve excited to see everyone there in a couple days!

Tickets Emailed

By now, everyone should have received their tickets for the movie event in the email address associated with the purchase.  If you were part of a multiparty purchase, please contact the person who bought your tickets to get yours.  We will endeavor to ensure everyone has their tickets, but unless the purchasing party contacts us to forward a ticket to someone, we cannot give any tickets out except to the person whose info is in the system or Paypal.

If you have not received your ticket, please contact us via the contact page, or telegram to find yours.

Please remember that you must either print your ticket, or present it electronically on your device in order to enter.  Once scanned, the ticket is no longer valid.  Do not share your ticket.


remember to read the rules, and the code of conduct for the event.



Kit Drago, Rechner Fox, Jet


Zootopia Movie Event Rules

Rules & Guidelines for Zootopia Movie Event

All MDFurs and NOVAfurs Code of Conduct rules apply.

The theater will open at 11am. We will be starting the showing at noon. Alamo has a rule that once the movie begins, late arrivals are not allowed to enter the theater. You will only be allowed to leave to go to the restroom and return.

Anyone who has not arrived by 11:55am runs the risk that your ticket will be sold to someone waiting to get in that was unable to purchase a ticket. The show is non-refundable, we will not be able to refund you because you were unable to make it.

Please do not arrive greater than 30 mins prior to the theater opening. We can’t guarantee the building will be open.

You MUST have a ticket provided by us to get into the theater. We’ll be scanning the tickets as you go in, once scanned that ticket is no longer valid. Please be courteous to both us and the theater and do not ghost the event. Every seat is filled and someone standing or sitting in the aisle will be ejected from the building.

Seating is first come, first serve.  However, If you are going to wear your fursuit head DURING the movie, then you MUST sit in the very back row. We appreciate that some people will not want to remove their head, but there are other people in the theater as well. Most heads will create an obstruction from viewers behind you. If you are not sitting in the back (or second to last row in the back is full of fursuiters), you could be asked by the theater to leave the showing.

We are guests of the theater, not of the shopping center. We are allowed to Fursuit in the theater, and at most the sidewalk directly in front of the theater. The property managers of ONE Loudon have forbid fursuiters from leaving the theater property. Do NOT cross the street to derp around in the quad, or walk around the shopping center in your fursuit. You will be asked by property security to leave the property.

Once the movie is over, we must leave the screening room.   The theater needs to get in as soon as were done to clean and prep the screening room for public showings. The theater has said they don’t mind if some people want to derp around the lobby, enjoy their bar for a little while after the movie, perform, say hi to kids, etc.

DO NOT FURSUIT TO OTHER BUSINESSES. Once again, we DO NOT have permission from the property owners of the shopping center to fursuit around their center. Although it is an outdoor shopping center, it is still private property and they have denied our request to enjoy the rest of their property while in fursuit. We have attempted to negotiate with them, and they are unwilling to budge. Once you leave the theater’s property which extends only to the curb in front of the theater, you no longer have permission to fursuit.

We will not have a headless lounge. Sorry, but lack of space, and time to set one up is an issue. There are restrooms there which should be clean and usable for changing.

All normal rules for theaters apply. Alamo has a strict no electronics rule. No electronic devices should be out during the movie. If you are seen with your phone, tablet, camera glasses, google glasses, or anything else by an usher or waiter, they will ask you to leave without warning.

No outside food or drink. Part of your admission includes $15 towards your food and non-alcoholic edible pleasures. Unless you have a super special medical diet that prevents you from eating “normal” food, you cannot bring anything in. If that is the case, talk to us before going in so we can explain to the theater that you have a disability that requires accommodation under ADA regulations.

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