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    is anyone organizing a Zootopia movie meet?

    I definitely would like to see one happen.  Wondering though if there would be enough interest between MDFurs and NovaFurs to maybe do a theater rent out for a private showing.



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    Private theater rent out to furries for Zootopia… oh dear  >w>

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    Hey at Regal cinemas they have rentable theaters recliner chairs and removable arm rests to share with a perfect snuggle buddy! Id say that Regal would be best and have many locations. i have one near me but you can always search on there site for a better option. Good luck on finding a good place!

    close to me:

    4110 West Ox Road, suite 12110

    Fairfax, VA 22033

    1-(844)-462-7342 ext: 670

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    If we want to try and do this (we wouldnt be the only furry group in the country doing it), I was thinking a theater on the north side of the beltway as that seems to me to be about halfway between NOVA and MDFurs.

    Otherwise, my next best option would be the Alamo Drafthouse in Ashburn, VA

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    Yea, being sorta off to the east can’t really help, but that sounds like Tyson’s Corner or maybe off in the Bathesda or Silver Spring area. Probably a good theatre or two there.

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    Is there one northeastish on the beltway that might work?  Course we have some people out west too.    Not that I expect anyone to travel significantly for something like this. ‘


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    Depends on where you are thinking “Northeastish”. I know there is a Regal Cinemas in Bowie and Laurel, and there is the Academy Theatres in Beltway Plaza. There also looks like there is an AMC theatres on Powder Mill road near Beltsville. Don’t really have much input on any of them though as my main theatres I’ve gone to are Magic Johnson which is more East side of beltway and the Xtreme threate in Brandywine which is even further south.

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    Seriously? When did the wait list ‘fill’ up? I signed up pretty much immediately after it was announced and I realized I lost my original spot.

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