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    We’re all here because of our love/appreciation for animals, so show me the animals that love and appreciate you the most: your pets! To start the thread off, this is my petite little kitty Paprika (or “Paps” for short):

    Posing for the camera, sleep-cuddling my arm while I was reading in bed and everyone’s favorite picture of her: meeting my fat old hamster for the first time when she was a baby.

    Fun fact: if we don’t play with her for at least an hour of high energy play every day, she destroys everything.

    So post pictures of your pets! And (optionally) tell us about them! uvu

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    She’s a cutie.

    Good idea for a thread.
    First: Trike, Not such an original name for a three legged cat. He had his leg crushed as a kitten and was going to be put down. A local group rescued him and we helped pay for the amputation. He was such a little trooper that we had to adopt him.
    Second: Lydia our geriatric cat. She was about three months old when she showed up on our porch during a ice storm in January seventeen years ago. She hasn’t left yet.
    Third: Gracie another three legged cat. As a kitten she was found in a dumpster with wire wrapped around her legs. Her left front leg was badly damaged and had to be amputated. She’s recovered pretty well but is the clumsiest cat you’ve ever seen. She keeps forgetting that she lists to starboard.

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    What adorable kitties! You must have your hands full hehe. And Lydia has some gorgeous peepers on her! Are you partial to three legged cats? 🙂

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    Not really, just partial to cats. My wife and I did some volunteer work for the Frederick County Animal Rescue League, a private no kill shelter. Many people will ignore the animals who have problems or special needs. Somehow we ended up with two.

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    This is my Clementine. She’s a Sharpe/Huskey mix.

    My tuxedo kitty, Toothless.

    And my ferrets Paisley and Tartan.

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    Good looking critters Cashew. Toothless is a great name for a cat.

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    @velantian wrote:

    Good looking critters Cashew. Toothless is a great name for a cat.

    Honestly she didnt have a name for MONTHS, when we rescued her from my fiance’s rental property we just called her Kitty, my upstairs roommates still call her Tux. But Linda (my fiance) noticed she looks like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon so we went with that. ^_^

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    I like the idea of this forum and don’t care that it hasn’t been active in months. I’m posting! 😈

    Firstly, I have my 4 year old dog, Karthal. His name is completely made up. He was a foster puppy and the idea was “Whoever adopts him will end up renaming him anyway, so let’s give him a silly name!” And then he never left… and having had him since he was 6 weeks old (I adopted him at 9 wks, but he’s a smart cookie!) he already knew his name. So Kar, it is!

    I’m pretty sure he’s mostly Border Collie, but seeing as I don’t have any background information on him (He came in as one of 11 puppies from a litter that was found in an abandoned house), I can’t know for sure.

    And then I have Kar’s kitten (He’s actually like, 2 years old now), Ninja. He’s a jerk. A BIG jerk.. but I keep him because 1.) he wouldn’t make it in a shelter, 2.) anyone else that owned this little jerk would probably get rid of him, meaning he’d wind up in a shelter, and 3.) my dog loves him. Kar ADORES kittens and used to get SO excited when I would bring home foster bottle babies. My cousin found Ninja outside in her alley as a 4 month old, and I decided I’d do what I knew best and took him to the shelter I worked at. Two months later he was still there.. not because he was unadoptable, but because the rooms he was in kept getting quarantined from other sick animals coming in.. first panleuk, then ringworm.. So I thought to myself, “Well, that was dumb.. I should have just kept him.” and adopted him back since my dog had always wanted a cat for himself. And he loves Ninja, and Ninja loves Kar. Ninja just doesn’t love anyone else.

    And last but not least, my first shelter baby, Thomas. He’s about 9 years old now and is the biggest money-pit I’ve ever owned. I found him abandoned outside on the shelter property one day while taking the trash out and brought him in. I adopted him because he became severely sick with what we thought was an upper respiratory infection at the shelter. Back in the day (this is like, almost 7 years ago) we could only treat URI’s to a certain point.. if the animal didn’t respond to medication, they were euthanized because we obviously couldn’t cure them and we didn’t want them to suffer. Thomas, after 14 days of meds, wasn’t responding well and I feared the worst; so I took him home and took him to the vet. There, I come to find out it is not just a URI that has him in such shape, he’s got bronchitis. A year later he gets bronchitis again and we learn that this will be recurring because he has asthma. Then, years later, he develops food allergies. This guy costs me an arm and a leg each year between bloodwork and (omg why is prescription food so expensive!) his special diet, but I love him to pieces. He’s the sweetest, most tolerant cat ever. And despite his poor health, I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

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    My cat Gidget passed away this morning at the vet while having fluid drained off her lungs, X-Ray showed possible tumor / cancer in lungs.  We were hoping to give her a little more time.

    she was a black polydactyl with black tabby stripes.  Will try to post a photo when possible.

    she was very friendly, my friends loved her, especially her “thumbs”.

    she would sit in the window waiting for me, then she would meet me at the door. Always followed me.

    She was a stray who adopted me a few years ago. Her estimated age was 10 to 12 years old.

    I can’t describe how much she will be missed.

    i plan to  adopt another cat to honor her,


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