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    Greetings All,

    We are currently in the planning stages for the First Annual MDFurs Holiday party. We are hoping to make this an annual event.

    Current status:

    Location – Possibly at Wheels Skating center, but looking into rental halls.
    Date – 2nd or 3rd weekend of Dec to try and not conflict with MFF or NYFB
    Food – Catered (higher per person cost) or Potluck
    Cost – Depends on how we’re doing food and location. Regardless there will be an event fee to help defray costs
    Gifts – Secret Santa or White elephant exchange?

    Feel free to post any opinions or ideas below

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    Speaking of the Wheels Skating Center, would be a faux pas if I opted not to skate if I go to this party, should it be held there?

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      No A lot of people choose not to skate. I don’t and i still have fun there.


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        Okay, thanks, TruckerPony. 🙂

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    is the white elephant the one where everybody runs around and makes others changes gifts with them until the time is up ?



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      Hi Sorry for the delay in response.

      The white elephant is that everyone gets assigned a number when they drop of their gift. When we begin, #1 gets to go pick any gift. After they open it, #2 gets to either pick a gift, or steal a gift (in his case #1’s), #3 does the same, but can steal from 1 or 2. After a gift has been stolen 3 times, it is no longer eligible to be stolen again.

      This continues on through all the people who have joined the exchange until the last person is done. After the last person is done, #1 has the option to keep their gift, or steal any gift still able to be stolen.

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    Dec 19 is pafurs furbowl, some are members of both.

    i have not skated since the 80’s, but I still went to furskate. May have tried skating if I hadn’t bruised my ribs a few days earlier. Still hurt, not as bad.

    wheels is fine with me.

    Over 40, Grey Fox. I made my Fursuit, Twitter @KromeKoda , and KodaKrome on Furaffinity and Pafurry.

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