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      Stoked about that new game you picked up? Having trouble with _____ from that game you got off Steam? Want someone's Wiicode to play with, or trying to find those last few Pokemon? This is for anyone wanting to find someone to play with online, or just talk about whatever they're currently into, or anything else involving the realm of games.
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    • Recreation
      Like games of a more physical nature? Love to go camping, but have an awful story about the time you went and it ended in a tent smelling like damp fur and pidgeons? Talk about it here.
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    • The Commons – RP
      This is the central commons. It is beautifully landscaped with lots of open green spaces to run and play. A large ornately decorated fountain in the center has continuously running cool water. Several vendors of everyones favorite foods and drinks can be seen around the found. They are set up to be nicely unobtrusive so that you only see them when you need them. Use this forum to role play. PG only please. You can use the help forums to request a sub-forum specifically for your game if you want.
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