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Date(s) - 05/05/2018 - 05/06/2018
2:00 pm - 2:00 am

Eric/Kain\'s House


First Console Game themed meet of the year!, and for my meetup period! I may only be a very casual gamer these years but I still like to talk and game now and then. I also like seeing a lot having fun gaming so why not bring that opportunity here to let you and others mingle and game?

Images of my house and where to park:

House – https://goo.gl/sL3Ewn

Where can/can’t park – https://goo.gl/iZznjW (we have a LOT of parking space/areas)

Other photos of the parking areas and deck and inside rooms are in this Dropbox folder – https://goo.gl/TYZ7VS

There are three (3) indoor-only cats here at the house. Please keep doors and screens to outside closed to prevent them from escaping.

I will have a lot of blank write-able badges you can (and encouraged!) to use to help everyone know who is who. I have clips and pouches they can be stored in if don’t want to stick the badge directly on your shirt. (And if any are willing to be the badge manager to help folks put on/have badges while here please let me know. I’d appreciate it!) I also possess a laminator and some lamination sheets if wish to make your own badge art and laminate it here. Would like some $ tossed in the tip jar if you do use it please so can restock on the materials when run out.

Kenneth/Dellar will be bringing his PS4, gaming PC, and Nintendo Switch, but we will likely need additional systems and controllers, as well as games for additional variety.

In the retro department, I have some old Atari’s but also got a NES SNES Genesis (1st and 2nd gen ones with a Sega CD that’s not been used since I bought it off someone), TG16, Refurbished 1st gen PS2 (laser about had it), PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. Also own a racing gaming chair setup, Logitech G27 racing wheel, and Xbox 360 wireless wheel. Again we’ll need games and controllers from those willing to bring them.

I have a 1080p 3D capable projector in the upstairs den where most gaming goes on at my other meets, a 32” LCD TV in the master bedroom, and a 27” CRT TV with component hookups in my garage for whenever rock band or enough gaming space is needed to use the garage too. Kenneth/Dellar will be bringing his 39 inch LCD along as well, so we’ll have at least 3 HD ready screens.

Food plans for this meet: I still do not have income from my new career yet to merit splurging a lot on food/drinks/etc. for 20-40 people unfortunately. So it will be mostly a self-serve meet. There are 2 kitchens here at your disposal to use to cook whatever you want for yourself or for others. There is also a binder by the couches in the upstairs den that list all the restaurants around the area that deliver or are available to sit in! If you have special dietary needs let me know, or if you have any food allergies.

Here is hoping to see you at the first console gaming meet and many more to come! If you have any questions PLEASE leave a comment with your question to Kenneth/Dellar or I to answer. 🙂

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