Today a new Maryland Furs telegram group was made in order to facilitate a transfer of ownership between Kit Drago, a former MDFurs Moderator, and the current community moderators.  The URL to the new group is the same as the old group was ( ).  It is expected that sometime after next week that the old chat will be deleted.

When asked why he felt it was necessary to make this change, Kit Drago responded:

“Several months ago, I stepped down from being a mod for a variety of reasons.  However, telegram does not have a mechanism for transferring ownership of groups.

I was content to sit and hover quietly as the “IT Guy” and just run the channel, but every time someone has an issue with one of the mods, they run to me, yell at me about how they disagree with the mods, and when I tell them “I have nothing to do with that anymore” they [expletive] all over me. As I will eventually be re-assigned by the military and probably leave the state for a while, I had not originally planned to step down or worry about transferring the channel until then (and even then I was ok with being the background IT guy), but when I’m already under considerable stress dealing with Fur the More, School, three jobs, and general life… I don’t have the extra spoons to get [expletive] on, on a regular basis by people who don’t want to accept that I WON’T arbitrarily step in and remove mods or force changes when I am no longer a mod. I cannot ethically consider doing that.”

He added:

“I sincerely hope that the current moderators will continue to watch out for the best interest of the group that @irime started the process of bringing together, and I was fortunate enough to help with years ago.  It was an exciting thing to see the multiple fractured small groups in the state come together in a cohesive statewide community to just have fun being furry!”

We wish Kit Drago all the positive things in his future.