The following message was posted in the MDFurs Telegram:

From Kit Drago:

ANNOUNCEMENT: Effective immediately, Irime and I will no longer be actively moderating this chat. I will work with all the people who recently joined as a mods to determine who will be running the channel. As I am unable to transfer the actual ownership of the channel, I will maintain the channel as remaining open until such time as telegram enables a function. As of right now, I am just the IT person running the backend. I will still be attending meets and be around and able to help, but some people have made it VERY apparent that we are no longer appreciated for what we are doing. We have too much to deal with between work, school, trying to get into the physician assistant program, and FurtheMore. We have to accept that we do not have enough to spread between everything.

Irime has indicated that she is undecided on continuing to run the FurSkate or if she will be looking for someone else to take over.

Kit Drago will continue to admin the Website, and is looking for anyone who wishes to assist.

Watch for further announcements from the remaining Moderators Council.