Hello Everyone!   We hope that you had a great holiday and that your New Years will be enjoyable.  A lot of us will be up in Newark Delaware to attend New Years Furry Ball.  Whether you’re there, or celebrating elsewhere, please remember to stay safe.  We want to see you at all the 2017 meets and events.


For the most up to date information our meets, and to RSVP to any of the meets that are asking for a head count, please go to our website at https://mdfursorg.000webhostapp.com/events


Here’s a quick snippet of what’s coming up!


12/30/2016   Milt’s gaming meet.
12/31/2016   NYE Gathering at Sir Kain’s
12/31/2016   New Years Furry Ball
01/08/2017   DMV Board Games Meet
01/14/2017   Monixx’s Birthday Party at Dave & Busters
01/15/2017   The Return of Mission BBQ in Glen Burnie
01/27/2017   Milt’s gaming meet
01/29/2017   Fur vs Pho