We know that sometimes life comes up and plans change.  We know that traffic might be tight and your running behind.  That’s why we’re opening up the theater at 11am to give everyone a whole hour to get there before the movie starts.

“Ugh!  I’m going to be late!”  – Please don’t be late.  Alamo has a no late entry policy.  Once the movie actually starts, they usually don’t let people in.  Our event policy is that if you’re not there by 11:50, we will consider you no show and start finding people to fill your seat.    So make time to arrive early and hang out with us before the showing.

“I’m not going to make it, my (insert other influence) came up, and I can’t come.” – Ok… No problem.  We can help with this.  We will not be able to refund your ticket to you if you don’t show up, they money went to the theater.  However, if we know ahead of time that you won’t be able to use your ticket, maybe we can get you in touch with someone who will buy it.  We’re gonna miss you, but we don’t want your seat to go empty.

“Wait, If you sell my ticket to a wait list, do I get a refund?” – No, *If* there are any additional funds left after the event, the value of your ticket will be split between MDFurs and NOVAFurs .  From there it’s up to the community mods what happens (Help cover other community costs. Donate to charity. Etc.)  Thank you for your generosity.

“I’m coming and hoping I can get a no-show ticket.  What if I can’t?”  – Alamo has public showing a of the movie with the first one starting at 1pm for 2D and 3pm for 3D.  We highly encourage you, and anyone else that couldn’t come to get tickets for one of the public showings.  It’s worth the drive to see it at the Alamo.

“Who do I contact if I have questions”. – Contact the Mods of your community via their normal channels.


Were ve excited to see everyone there in a couple days!