Ok, so I’m going to try and be more proactive at making this a central news source for our area.  If anyone else would like to help be a “reporter/writer” let me know.  Please.  Having more than one person working on this will keep things a bit more fresh and active.


Website Updates:

After taking way too long to get things updated, several new features are now available.

  1. MDFurs is more social network style now.  You can mark friends, have private messages, create groups (i.e. Local groupings of furs), and even have group specific discussion boards.
  2. We have our own event manager.  Members can post their own events to our event manager to have them displayed on the site, manage sign ups, get head counts.  We’ve tried to make it easy to use, and it will even display who is coming on the events page.  It has been linked with our telegram chat room so that events can be listed by the chat room bot.
  3. Adding a help desk.   We realize not everyone wants to post publicly about a problem they might need help with, feature suggestion, or what have you.  So we are adding a support / help page that can be accessed by the main menu link, or the life ring displaying on the page.  Email us and a community mod will get back with you to assist.

Upcoming Events

Ideally, we can get everyone using the events manager here (rather than external sites) and everything will be automatically listed.  Our Furaffinity page will still have the monthly FurCast posted.  We are trying to look at doing something for Zootopia.  I have reached out to NOVAFurs to see if they would be interested in a joint event on the Beltway somewhere.

Holiday Party

Were going to try and start having an annual Holiday Party.  This years is on Dec 12th at the Wheels Skating Center.  However, we need a minimum of 25-30 people signed up to make it happen.  Furs must be pre signed up and paid by Dec 2nd in order for us to order the food that we’re going to give you.  If we end up with a significant surplus of funds for any reason, we will leave the choice to the community to either donate it to a charity, or hold it to fund a spring fling.  So please sign up if you ewant to come.


Thats is all for now, what this space for other articles of relevance to our community to come.  If you would like to write and article for the site, please get in touch with a Mod.