Maryland Furs wishes everyone in our community a Happy Thanksgiving / Turkey Day.

Whether you celebrate it as thanksgiving, turkey day, consumer battle prep day, excess and coma day, or whatever it may be. We hope you are having a great time.

Kit has spent the day working on Features on the site. What oh what has he done?

New Event -> Notice to twitter: When a new event is added to the Event Manager, it will get tweeted out.

Event Manager -> Google Calendar: New events added to the MDFurs (should) auto-add to a google calendar for those that requested. (Experimental). Updates may take up to 8 hours for google to pick them up, which probably means more like 8-24 hours. The calendar is visible here:

Daily Event Tweet: (Experimental) Were trying out a method to have the days scheduled events from the Event Manager get tweeted out in the morning to remind people of whats going on. So if you add your event to the MDFurs Event Manager, it should show up in that on the day of.

Keep coming with the great ideas, so we can make this the best setup for everyone to use.